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I ran away from home. Had to be done. Stay gold Ponyboy.

Getting back into the swing of things this week with a return to one of my favorite Portland clubs the Doug Fir Lounge. We have a 10pm slot opening for Ramble On a Led Zeppelin tribute. I'll be joined by Joe Mengis on drums and Joe Chiusano on bass. Hope to see you there!

Plans I had this summer to write songs for a new group were put on hold due to some (ahem) significant financial difficulty, losing my apartment, and other details of your basic American Economic Nightmare that seem to be affecting many of us. In any case, I've rebounded and am back on the circuit doing some shows with my multi instumentalist buddy Joe Chiusano. Catch us at the Sylvan Steakhouse most Fridays in September (all except the 23rd). We'll do some MG originals, some covers, and other stuff.....Joe might even play the piano. Good times! All shows are free, kids are welcome, and the menu is fab. We miss you!

No shows coming up right now, we're going to take a bit of the spring to rehearse our new group and work on some new songs. See you this summer! Check out my new favorite group Best Coast.

Our only show in March right now, hosted by a 9 foot robot!

For Immediate Release

Sat March 19: KILLBOT EMCESS METALHAUS at The Wonder Ballroom (128 Northeast Russell Street) BAM (Beer and Movies) presents KILLBOT EMCEES METALHAUS. MetalHaus is a mash of metal, punk, new wave, and experimental. Five Portland bands: Ninja, Ape Machine, Morgan Grace, TMS, and Headless Pez. MetalHaus features a multi-screen media installation curated by Tim Colley called "New Wave Hookers and Bad Gods". The centerpiece however is KILLBOT...a 9ft mobile robot imported from Oakland, CA to emcee the show. Killbot will address the audience in full voice. See the attached image files. MetalHaus is sponsored by the Ninkasi Brewing Company. The show is 21over. Note: cheap ticket, $7, no xtra fees.

BAM...Beer and Movie, is a Pacific Northwest eventing network.

Metalhaus emceed by Killbot

Our run at Biddy's has come to an end, we had fun playing there. It was especially great to get to see our under age people on a regular basis. If you missed it we're sorry, we'll keep you posted on upcoming all ages shows. In the meantime, we'll see you at the Kenton Club Mondays in Feb. :)

Catch us at the World Famous Kenton Club every Monday in February (7,14,21,28) from 8-10p. These shows are free and 21+. We'll also be at Biddy's on Thursday for happy hour 6-8p, always free and always all ages. Have you heard about Portlandia? Of course you have! Come watch it on the big screen at the official Portland viewing party at the Mission Theater where you can catch me and my band Feb 18 for a live set just before the show airs on IFC. Fun times.

I entered a song in the St Johns Songwriting Contest, come hear me perform it live at the finals Sat Feb 19. $3 buys you admission and one vote, you can purchase an additional vote for another $3.

Kenton Club

St Johns Songwriting Contest

My song Vampire Love (inspired by the Twilight movies) is in a Battle of the Twilight Bands III contest on one of the Twilight fan sites. Voting is easy you don't have to sign up or register for anything, click here to vote for Vampire Love. The video was also recently featured on the Willamette Week Local Cut blog, and on another Twilight fan site.

I just found out Vampire Love was nominated for Album of the Year at the Portland Music Awards, not sure how that happened but in any case if you'd like to vote for it click here.
and thats the way that goes folks. mg

Couple of awesome things to report, first of all Vampire Love is now available on iTunes. Have you seen the Vampire Love video directed by Carl Jameson? Check it out up top.

Second, the video for Makes Me Happy is now on, its also up top so check it out! Directed by Scott Graves, so happy with how awesome it turned it out, hope you enjoy it.

Catch my trio with John Iten and Christian Mulherin every Thursday at Biddy McGraws from 6-8p, its always free and always all ages.
See you soon,

The single for Vampire Love is now available for download at CDbaby, check it out!
Vampire Love

Exciting news: We're going to debut the video for Makes Me Happy at our show tomorrow at Kelly's Olympian. Shot by Scott Graves, I'm excited! Also on the bill - Fever, and the Ro Sham Bos, this will be a great show so come out if you can!
Kelly's Olympian

Flying to NYC tomorrow to play at CMJ. I'm excited though I'm still trying to figure out which guitar to bring... I'm thinking the Gretsch but lugging that thing around on the subway is going to make my arm fall off. Can't wait to see all my NY friends, will be a fun quick trip filled with as many roast beef sandwiches as I can handle. Kelly's O for Halloween, expect some Misfits covers! Still doing every Thurs at Biddy's for Happy Hour. Come out and say hello! xoxo,

Just added a couple of shows, will see you in New York for CMJ in a few weeks, awesome! Also catch the full band for Halloween at Kelly's O with the Ro Sham Bos. I'm hoping to debut a new video that night...fake blood, fast cars, fire, torrential rains, seems like a good fit.

Happy to report happy hours at Biddy's are awesome, come down and join us every Thursday from 6-8p. It's always free and always ALL AGES which is just great, so bring the kids, I'll try not to swear.

I'm playing this Saturday at a very cool new venue the Alberta Rose Theater as part of their regular local showcase.
Tickets: $8.00 |  Doors:  8:00pm  |  Show:  9:00pm  |  21+
9 pm Kurt Hagardorn (guitar and accordion duo)
9:40   Mike Wilcox (guitar, bass, trap kit, vibes)
10:25   Morgan Grace (guitar and bass duo)
11:10  21 Horses (Guitar, Bass, Drums)
I have a couple of new songs to share with you, yes they're about love, no they're not about vampires in love, but I do rhyme "kisses" with "suspicious" which is always a good time. See you there!
Alberta Rose Theatre

And lastly, it is always a pleasure to get some face time with Rick Emerson with whom I was lucky to tape an upcoming episode of Outlook Portland. Check out these exclusive segments via youtube, the actual show airs Sunday Sept 19 on WB32, at 6:30a if you'd like to set your DVR.
Segment 1
Segment 2
Segment 3
Segment 4
Come to Biddy's this Thursday and every Thursday after that ok? xoxo

The new MG band is playing a fundraiser today at 3:45p for the Portland Women's Crisis Line. We did one of these fundraisers way back in 2005 and it was a whole lot of fun. Pinstripes hosts the all day outdoor event with music from 2-8p. Lots of other great acts to catch, and the weather will be just right.
Happy hours at Biddy's are going awesome, we play every Thursday from 6-8p, its free, fun, and air conditioned, and ALL AGES.
Next Wednesday Aug 25th catch us at the Goodfoot for Metalhaus with the Pink Snowflakes, Here Comes a Big Black Cloud, and the Marmits. That one should be a hoot, yes I said HOOT.
See y'all soon,


The return of the MG band happens today as we ease our way into happy hour at Biddy's. John Iten on bass, Joe Mengis on drums. These shows are ALL AGES and FREE, how cool is that? 6000 NE Glisan St in Portland OR.
Also catch the X Tribute band Gimme an X this Sat Aug 7 at Centaur Guitar with me as Exene, Sean Flora as John Doe, Geoff Clarkson as Billy Zoom, and Greg Odell as DJ Bonebrake. 2833 NE Sandy Blvd next to Katie O'Brien's. See you soon!

Happy Hour at Biddy's

As promised, the video for Vampire Love is up top, download the song via the reverbnation widget.

As many of you know, I'm a huge fan of the Twilight series, I loved the books and movies so much that I wrote a song about the main characters Bella and Edward called Vampire Love. I demo-ed the track and posted it on facebook and myspace last winter. Fast forward to the present! I just recorded it for realsies with good friends Dave Camp (engineering, mixing, bass) and Joe Mengis (drums). These guys are so awesome, they really took it up a notch (more like a flight of notches) from the demo. We just finished the final mix tonight, hear for yourself HERE.

Also, as many of you know, Twilight was filmed in and around Portland Oregon where I live. This spring I got to thinking.... Wouldn't it be neat to shoot a music video in some of those great iconic locations from the film? Wouldn't it be so neat? Fast forward again! I called up local indie filmmaker/director/producer team Carl and Sharon Jameson who used my song The Rules of Dating for their indie feature The Bicyclists last year. Their film was beautifully shot and I knew I could count on them to deliver. So lo and behold we shot the video over the course of the month. We really lucked out and met some great people who consented to let us drive their cars, pretend like we lived in their houses, and so on. Eclipse, the third movie in the Twilight series, premieres tonight WED June 30th all over the country. What better night to show the video for Vampire Love? Please join us for the premiere tonight in the Knife Shop at Kelly's Olympian where I'll be performing a few tunes in  the round with a bevy of lovely ladies. The show starts at 8p and is only $4 at the door. Check back for a youtube link. Lets get viral!

I've entered for a chance to do an opening set at Lilith Fair in Portland, You can vote via facebook HERE. or click the widget to go to my profile at the site. take a listen and VOTE VOTE VOTE! Morgan Grace's Profile on OurStage

Well lo and behold I'm performing WEDs in May at Plews Brews in St Johns. Come on down and say hello.
Plews Brews in May

I do believe its time to start playing again, with a band even. I put some crab pots out....we'll see what happens!

I haven't played a show in Portland since Aug 2009, thats the longest I've gone in probably ten years without performing locally. Feels kind of funny, like climbing the rope in gym class. If you were my cats you'd get a free concert everyday, but you're not my cats at all are you?

This song According To You really grosses me out. To paraphrase "According to you I'm awful and a big pain in the ass, but according to him I'm really wonderful and that makes me so happy". Um, what about according to me I'm awesome and I get lots of self esteem from doing things that make me feel good about myself? Is it any wonder that it was written by two guys? Way to go Andrew Frampton and Steve Diamond, really, kudos for digging into the female psyche and feeding a giant load of shit back to us.

What a relief it is to be in a new year. Just posted another demo, check out Scotty. Someday I may even play another show, maybe even with a new band...
more more more!
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