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First, I Can Lick Any SOB broke up a few weeks ago. I was crushed. THEN the Willamette Week publishes the following story in Locul Cut today check it out about the RUMORs about Dead Moon breaking up, with an update hours later saying they've cancelled tonight's show at Dante's. So there's the poopie news about two bands I love. Here's the poopie news about another band I love, the one I'm IN - our practice place flooded, apparently the construction across the street broke a sewer line. Our gear is sitting in our friend's basement (many many thanks to Stephanie who pulled the Kleveland van up and helped us get our gear out before it was all ruined). So, until we get back into the basement I'll continue singing with the Oblivion Seekers, we're playing this Saturday at Sabala's with Kleveland and the Punk Group.
all for now,

Opening for Exene Cervenka and the Original Sinners was awesome. It was an honor to meet Exene and her band! The Sinners encored with my favorite X song Some Other Time and I shamelessly danced and sang every word. It was a great night for us!

I had a super time last weekend singing with Kleveland for two shows with Hell's Belles in Eugene and Portland. The Belles are the nicest bunch of gals, they never fail to be completely awesome both on and off stage.

Paper Cameras didn't wind up being selected to open for the New York Dolls in Seattle but our friends the Crack City Rockers did get the Portland show at Berbati's on Nov 10th so we're excited for them!

I am now singing with one of my favorite bands the Oblivion Seekers with Mark Sten and Heidi Hellbender. Rehearsing has been awesome and I'm excited to make my debut with them Sat Nov 18th at Duff's Garage for a Gospel Showdown with Drunken Prayer. We're going to do baptisms, exorcisms and the like so stand and be redeemed folks, should be fun.

Lastly in MG3 news Sam Henry and I will be preparing to record a new album over the month of December with Fred Chalenor on bass and a grip of guests. I'll keep you updated on progress.

We're playing Fri Nov 10th at the Laurelthirst with Spigot and next week we're doing a rare all ages show at the Hawthorne Theatre next week Nov 17th. We are the first of 4 bands and go on at 8:15 sharp.

Word on the street is the New York Dolls tour has turned into a contest for local bands in each of the towns they're playing. Little Steven's Underground Garage picked 3 bands in each town for America to vote on. Here are my biased suggestions for voting Crack City Rockers(Portland) ....... Paper Cameras(Seattle) ........ Top Ten(San Francisco). Click here to go to the voting page. These are hard working bands that I know and love so please show your support. Voting is easily done with one click, no logging in or giving up your email. Go do it! Vote for Paper Cameras especially, they are my friends and completely awesome!

I just did an interview with Jake Tenpas of the Gazette-Times in Corvallis OR where I went to high school. The text is on our press page, or read it at the Gazette Times online. I believe Jake is going to podcast the audio, I'll pass along the link to that when I have it.

We just confirmed an exciting show at Dante's Nov 7th opening for Exene Cervenka. Check the shows page for other dates. The winter months are going to be busy!

I sang back up and played tambourine with Kleveland this weekend for two awesome shows. Friday we played to a sold out crowd at the Wonder Ballroom opening for Storm Large. It was her first show back in Portland since her stint on CBS's Rockstar Supernova. Saturday we were supposed to open for Nashville Pussy but they cancelled. It was still a great show though playing with Priestess from Montreal. I'll keep you posted on upcoming dates with Kleveland.

Sadly, James Chase, known to many in the Portland music community as JimJim was beaten to death by Portland police in broad daylight on the sidewalk in downtown Portland. Though his injuries were extensive (all of his ribs were broken) and there were no drugs found in his system a grand jury found the police officers' actions to be justified. Sam Henry new JimJim as a a kind and gentle person who came to every Wipers show in the early days of Portland punk in the late 70's and early 80's. Please read this letter from Greg Sage posted on the Official Wipers website.

and on that note, be well everyone. thank your lucky stars for this moment... and the next... and the next....

I'm back from touring with Kleveland. Holy cow that was fun, I don't think I've ever laughed so much in my entire life. Lots of shows coming up in Oct so please check the shows page for those. We're back at the Imbibe on Oct 6th with our friend Lewi Longmire sitting in on bass. Michael Carothers is opening up the night. You may remember Michael from his old band Spectator Pump or his current band Paper Cameras. We're looking forward to the 6th and thank you for your patience while we made adjustments to the Sept dates. We're back in full swing now!

I'm still playing drums for Serpentone, have I mentioned this before? I can't remember....anyway, I'm playing drums for my friend Erika's band Serpentone. We have a couple of shows coming up, check us out on myspace too. Hopefully soon we'll do some recording.

Next week on Oct 5th Mona Superhero is having a show at Berbati's for First Thursday. Mona used me as the subject for one of her famous duct tape portraitures so I'm excited for my piece to be in her upcoming show. For more details please visit

Hope to see y'all at a show soon, we have some cool ones coming up like the Doug Fir with the Heartless Bastards, and ACME for Drunken Prayer's CD Release show. ** Please note the Drunken Prayer show has been moved from the Towne Lounge to the ACME **
Take care y'all and see you soon!

Good news and bad news folks. The good news is I get to go on tour with my very favorite band Kleveland (second only to Def Leppard who I saw lastnight with Journey...11th row!) uh, where was I? Oh yes! Kleveland, gonna do 12 days with them on the road. Unfortunately to do this I had to make some adjustments to our performance schedule. So, if you were planning on coming to see Sam Henry and I in September please consult the shows page for those updates. Sorry I couldn't pass up the chance to get out on the road with my good friends! I hope you understand.

My very first feature article published today in the Oregonian which plugs our show at Imbibe which is now cancelled! ah! But we did just add a Happy Hour at the Laurelthirst for this Saturday Sept 2nd so please come out for that one.

I did a very lovely interview today with Em Brownlowe from Church of Girl. If you haven't checked out Church of Girl click this link! They're doing wonderful things for women in music including reviews, interviews, and online streaming radio so check it out! Em is also the brains behind the We Made This compilation that our song Thin Lizzy appeared on last month not to mention being a talented and active musician herself. I'll let you know when the interview publishes.

I was lucky enough to receive enough nomination for the next contest at Idol Underground that I moved into Round 2. Woah! I'll keep you posted on that as the contest progresses though I'm sure you're all tired of hearing about it.

We're still rooting for Storm Large on Rockstar Supernova . Dilana is fast becoming a giant ASS and I'm not afraid to say it.
so there,
Morgan G

Here is another installment of "HOW MUCH OF A DORK IS MORGAN GRACE?"
Fresh from my victory at Idol Underground I've been notified that I'm still in the running for the next chapter of the contest that I won Big Push 2. Since so many of you already have accounts from voting from before all you have to do is login and nominate my song for the next contest. Our friend and cheerleader Brett made this page with screen shots and directions for nominating my song. check it out!

Our weekly Dante's ritual of watching Storm Large on Rockstar on the big screen has become so all consuming it's alarming. Me and a group of gals are working on a little project that will function as a companion to the show. We are such dorks it's unbelievable. I'll keep you posted on that as it progresses....

I will be featured in Mona Superhero's next show in October. Mona used me as the subject for one of her latest portraitures. Her work blows my mind. Details will be forthcoming.

The next show for us is this thursday at Audiocinema for AC/VC a audio and visual extravaganza. Sam Henry and I will perform inside a life sized jukebox art installation. It was be an exciting show for us. Please check out their website for details.

That's it for news on the homefront. Watch for a feature article on me in this week's Oregonian A&E. See you all soon!

More news from Idol Underground - I'm still in the running for a second installment of the contest I won. Can you imagine if I won twice? holy crap! Click here to nominate the Rules of Dating for another go-round and another chance to win major $$$. If I get enough nominations I'll move to the song-rating round. From there the top 10 rated songs will move to the voting round.

Adam Gnade will mention my win in his Portland Mercury column this week. I must say Mr. Gnade is a much better music editor than zac-whats-his-pants most likely due to the fact that Adam is an talented musician and not a sour faced poser like the other guy. Ah, but I digress...

Thanks to everyone who came out to Dante's Saturday for the second Gimme an X show. We have so much fun playing the great music of X and so far the response has been terrific. Watch for the next show you won't want to miss it! I should have some new pics up in the gallery soon.

Our next show is Thursday Aug 24th at AudioCinema for AC/VC. Sam Henry and I will perform inside a human-sized jukebox art installation. Check out the AC/VC site for more info, it will be quite an opening with lots of music!

In Storm Large news - she said yesterday on the Rick Emerson show that her performance tonight may not be well received by the heavy-metal burnouts of SuperNova. I find it hard to believe she faltered in her delivery as bad as she made it sound but I guess we'll just have to watch. Dante's is the place to be for Rockstar viewing. My question is: what the hell was Portland doing before Storm was on this show and what the hell are we going to talk about when it's over??
Morgan G

This is incredible news - I WON first place at Idol Underground! I won $10,000!! Holy crap! On the last day of voting I was at #5 so I basically forgot all about it hence my last update message but on a whim I peeked at the official results posted today and this is what I saw check it out. Thanks to everyone that voted for me everyday. You are AWESOME! I just did an interview about it check it out here.

We have a show coming up this friday at the 9th Ave Public House in support of the recent compilation we're appearing on. Check here for details on that.

The next X tribute show will be at Dante's Sat Aug 12th with Kleveland and Old Growth. Both bands are terrific and are our friends so we're looking forward to a super show. If you are a fan of X don't miss this show!!!

Don't forget to watch Storm Large on Rockstar Supernova tonight at 9pm, she's kicking ass!

So I came in at number 5 at the closing of Idol Underground, not too shabby. Thanks to everyone that voted. Our next X tribute will be Aug 12 at Dante's with Kleveland and someone else. I strongly encourage you to make it out to the next few shows on the books ...might be your last chance....more secrets to be revealed. stay tuned....
ps - Is everyone watching Storm Large on Rockstar Supernova? I love Storm but some of those other douchebags are truly painful to! like the guy who sang Heart Shaped Box tonight....?? um, can you say poser? ok, that's all for now, otherwise I will talk about that show all night.

What an exciting week. My song the Rules of Dating is still in the running at Idol Underground for a whopping $10,000. I entered round two at number 8 and have moved up to number 5 in just two weeks. There are a handful of days left to vote until Saturday July 15th so please, if you haven't voted yet click here to DO IT, and if you have been loyally voting everyday let me take this opportunity to say I LOVE YOU because your votes are helping me move up the charts! Please keep voting everyday until Saturday - VOTE HERE. thank you thank you!!!

We are in the works to get another X Tribute show booked at Dante's, the date should be confirmed soon. Also, one of my songs is appearing on a local DIY comp called We Made This. It's a pretty cool idea check it out here. emBROWNLOWe is organizing a little festival of all the nice folks on the comp at the 9th Ave Public House Aug 3-5. You won't see me at any other summer festival this year so come down on the 4th and grab yourself a comp....they're free.

I think that's all for now....
much love,

What an unbelievable couple of weeks! First of all BIG NEWS regarding this Idol Underground contest. I'm 6 out of 10 to win the grand prize of $10,000. If you haven't voted please please please go do it. You'll need to SIGN UP FOR A LISTENER ACCOUNT HERE and every time you vote you're entered to win prizes of your own like an iPod. It only takes a second to set up an account and then you can vote everyday until July 15th. The easiest way to do it is to go to my profile and join my fan club. This bookmarks my profile an allows easy access to the voting page after logging in....the site can be a bit tricky. HERE ARE COMPLETE DIRECTIONS WITH SCREEN SHOTS. Please try to vote everyday, I can't tell how much winning would change my life not too mention allow me to make my next album. I appreciate your help greatly!!!
If you've already voted once and have an account just click this picture to log in and vote again.

In other news, our show with Kleveland at the Towne Lounge last week was a real scream. Playing with Sam Henry for the last 2 years has been an honor to say the least but being on stage with him and Dave Koupal together was one of the greatest moments of my life. Dave and Sam were the original rhythm section for the Wipers from 1977-80. Hearing my songs get the royal treatment from these two legendary players was a songwriters wet dream. I'm still riding the buzz from the show....a memory I will take to the grave. seriously.

A couple of shows coming up, not sure what we're going to do for a bass player at this point aside from moving to Ohio to be closer to Dave K.....who knows what the future holds. In any case I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, please vote for the Rules of Dating at Idol Underground!!!
see y'all soon,
Morgan Grace

Lots of things to report here, first of all thanks to everyone who came out to the X Tribute debut lastnight. The show a huge success! Sean Flora actually contacted John Doe lastweek via the internet and Mr. Doe not only gave us his blessing but said to let him know when we were coming down to CA. wow! I hope everyone had a great time lastnight, I know we sure did.

6 weeks ago I entered my song the Rules of Dating into an online song contest. Friday I was notified that I was in the top 10 at the end of round one (out of over 500 songs). It is now one of 10 songs in the running to win round two with a prize of $10,000 TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. The contest is loosely affiliated with American Idol and is called At the end of round 2 the song that has the most online votes wins the booty. wow! Vote for me HERE just click on the pop category.

Lauren K. Newman aka LKN sustained serious injury a couple weeks ago by falling head first down a flight of stairs. She fractured her skull and damaged her spine and miraculously escaped death. There is a benefit show scheduled for June 23rd in the Modish Building at 333 SW 3rd in downtown Portland and a website for folks to make donations toward her medical bills and living expenses while she is recoverying. Please check out the site -, your donation is also your admission to the benefit concert.

George Tabb a writer for MMR was in New York on and after 9/11. The unfortunate truth is the air in the aftermath of the attack was POISONOUS AIR and many rescue workers, firemen, and citizens are now terribly ill including George Tabb. For more info please visit his website. Monica Nelson (former singer for the Obituaries) is also running a myspace site devoted to raising money to help Mr. Tabbs. Her passion for his cause is inspiring, please take a minute to visit her dedicated site. thank you.

Remember when I said I posed for artist Mona Superhero? She had her big show premiere in Boston in May (the art critic for the Boston Globe is an even bigger buffoon than the music critics here in Portland) and she sold me. Somewhere I'm hanging on some strange person's wall.

The next big show is the Towne Lounge opening for Kleveland's CD Release show with special guest Dave Koupal on bass formerly of the Wipers. That one is going to be great! We'll also keep you posted on upcoming X Tribute shows. Thanks as always for supporting independent music. We do this all by ourselves!!
Take care all,
Morgan Grace

Yes the cat is out of the bag on our tribute band - X! Yours truly as Exene Cervenka, Sean Flora (Rocket Science Recording) as John Doe, Geoff Clarkson (Countrypolitans) as Billy Zoom, and our very own Sam Henry (Wipers) as DJ Bonebrake. We are excited to debut on Sat June 10th at Sabala's with two of our very favorite bands Pure Country Gold and the Oblivion Seekers. This show is going to be a bruiser so don't miss it!
In other news - our special secret guest bass player will be here in June from Ohio to join us for a few shows this summer....Dave Koupal. Dave and Sam H were the original rhythm section for the Wipers and played on the first Wipers album Is This Real? What a reunion that will be! Lots of terrific stuff coming this summer including our friends Kleveland's cd release show June 24th. We're excited! Catch Sam and I this Saturday May 6th at Imbibe at 10pm with Susie Blue opening at 9pm for a lo-fi acoustic show. We'll see you there!
take care,
Morgan G

We'll be unveiling our Tribute Band very soon and we're excited to have the Oblivion Seekers and Pure Country Gold joining us for the debut show at Sabala's June 10th. Stay tuned for the ceremonious letting of the cat out of the bag. We've added some new shows finally after taking much of the new off so please check out the shows page. Did I mention our special secret guest joining us on bass this June? Many secrets! stay tuned....
Morgan Grace

The Sound of Something Breaking was just awarded Album of the Year on myspace check it out! Brett, a music aficionado turned his myspace profile into a mock-up of the Grammy's and doled out Bretty Awards. I also won Best Female Vocal and Sam Henry won Best Drum Performance. Not a bad way to pimp your favorite bands. In other news we've been spending lots of time at Portland's new "Brill Building" AUDIOCINEMA and nothing but good things are coming of it. Adam MacIntosh and his army of forward thinking musician/proletariat/activists are bustling with activity. If you're a musician and don't know about audiocinema do yourself a favor and check out their, RIGHT now! It is literaly one-stop-shopping for everything a musician needs...publicity, photos, web design, rehearsal space, etc.
In other news I'm the subject for a new Mona Superhero portraiture...every Portland Girl's dream. I'll be one of six lovely ladies included in her big showing in Boston in May. Pretty neat! I'll put the image up in the gallery as soon as I have it. Lastly - our first show as Portland's Newest Tribute band has been confirmed for Saturday June 10th at Sabala's....but I'm still relishing the surprise.
See you all soon!
PS - Amoree Lovell's new website is up and running and the new album is available on cdbaby so check it out check it out, she is brilliant!

The record label I'm on - Lady Lush Records - finally has a website! check it out - So exciting, they are wonderful to me. For those of you that have been following me for a while I just put the Carnival song on myspace so check it out. "Goin' Down to the Carnival" was the first demo tape I put out and is long out of print. Maybe someday I'll tack the four tracks from it onto the end of the Rules of Dating as bonus tracks...but for now there's myspace. Special thanks to Brett B. our web guru. His help has been invaluable!

Buzz is buzzing about our tribute band with Sean Flora and Geoff Clarkson. We are all excited and will hopefully debut soon. You may remember Geoff from the Countrypolitans and Sean from the Crack City Rockers. Sean is also the man behind Rocket Science studio where I recorded The Rules of Dating. Speaking of the Rules of Dating I'm going to re-record "Tomorrow's Kiss" for a music video. I'm banging out ideas with John Sparks and it looks like we'll be shooting this month... keep ya posted on that. Sam Henry leaves for Taiwan tomorrow night where he'll be a busy bee with the jazz band for 8 days. So I've just been writing some and chilling out. I think I was a workaholic for too long and I'm really enjoying the break from performing. It's nice to not worry about promoting and pedaling. whew! My last piece of news - we may have a special secret surprise guest join the MG3 for some shows this spring/summer but it is so hush hush I can't even talk about it, just know that all my fingers and toes are crossed that it works out. See y'all soon.

No shows on the books for the MG3, consider us on hiatus for a spell. We need to do some writing and recording and some regrouping in general. but DO keep your eyes pealed for a new tribute band with myself, Sam Henry, Sean Flora, and Geoff Clarkson. We're keeping it on the down low but believe me you'll be excited when we let the cat out of the bag.....probably around Spring Break. In other news my hero Heidi Hellbender is popping up all over the internet in promotion of her forthcoming solo album. Heidi has had a profound impact on my musical development! Check out her solid gold pipes with her old band M-99 and her current band Gothic Outhouse on myspace. Her new website should be up and running soon as well. I'll keep you posted. Speaking of new websites Sam Henry has a new website complete with an extensive discography. What a history that man has had! He's now accepting drum students too so pass the word around. I'd like to wrap up my plug-o-rama with an update on my favorite goth chanteuse Amoree Lovell. Her new EP Six Sadistic Songs for Children is very nearly in stores and on cdbaby. She'll be performing at the Fez Ballroom this Saturday Jan 21st as part of the House of Cards showcase. House of Cards is a new booking company brought to you by Pete Krebs and Jen Bernard. Amoree's website is also going to get a facelift and an overhaul if I have to do it myself!
all for now,

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