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What a year! Kleveland will be on break for a couple months as we're finishing up our album and planning stuff for the spring and summer. I'm excited to let the cat out of the bag just as soon as stuff is confirmed. I think 2008 will be an amazing year for this band and I'm excited.

Sorry my website was down for awhile. Someone in the MG camp seriously dropped the ball, don't worry we fired them. If you signed up to my mailing in the last six months you may want to sign up again as we lost some files. Also, there are a couple of things being fixed like the downloads page, so some things may not work right now, sorry for the inconvenience! We're fixing it!

As far as my own music goes....I've got some new songs I'm recording this month and a couple shows in the works. Have you checked out Billie Shears? She's got an amazing voice and I'm excited to do some shows with her. I will keep you posted.

Lastly, I will be sitting in with the Karaoke From Hell band tomorrow on New Year's Day at Dante's. Their regular Monday Night gig has turned into a 24 hour karaoke marathon. I'll be pulling the 1-6p shift Tuesday afternoon on guitar. I haven't sat in with this band since Christmas 2001 so I'm excited.

Thanks for visiting. I'm excited to share some new music with you. In the meantime, please visit me on myspace, my last 2 albums can be purchased here. See you soon!

Sorry folks but we had to cancel our appearance at Slabtown this friday in Portland OR with Pierced Arrows. I have parted ways with longtime drummer Sam Henry and am calling the band quits for now. Gonna take my music in a different direction..... you'll see....

In the meantime - I re-recorded an original xmas song for a local comp called PDXmas Vol I. Click here to preview an mp3 of my track called Santa Ate My Second Cousin. It first appeared on a xmas comp on Hush Records in 1998. I'm playing all the instruments here (drums, bass, guitars, vocals) with Michael Carothers of Paper Cameras lending some backing vocals. We recorded it in Michael's basement last weekend. Keep It Loose, a song on my myspace profile, is the product of another of our basement sessions. We've been having a lot of fun, I especially like playing drums.

Still going strong with Kleveland, we just did a long weekend in Salt Lake City with our friends Royal Bliss. We made friends with them while they were in Portland recording their Capitol Records debut with producer Rob Daiker. They sure were fun to play with. More shows at the end of Nov in WA with Hell's Belles! We're always excited to get out on the road. We entered a music video in a contest where we could win a trip to London to play the after party for Led've heard of them right? Check out the video shot by Frankie Flatch at the Wonder Ballroon Aug 2007.

Lastly - The Voices for Silent Disasters benefit at the Mission Theater was really great. They have their big finale weekend this week. Please check out their website! - Lots of great performers and such a great cause!
that is all,

I'm going through changes but they're good changes and I'm surviving. I'll still kicking ass with Kleveland, we'll be in Salt Lake City on Nov 2 w/ our friends Royal Bliss at Liquid Joe's, and Nov 3 w/ Hell's Belles. It'll be a great weekend. I'll be performing with my band Nov 7th at Fusion Lounge (where Jazz de Opus used to be) in Portland OR.

I'm also a part of a really cool benefit series called Voices for Silent Disasters. Please check out their website I'll be playing Nov 10 at the Mission Theater w/ Michael Jodell, Susie Blue, Linda Hornbuckle, and many others. It's a good cause.
All for now.
Morgan Grace

Playing solo tonight at the White Eagle in Portland, Laurelthirst for Happy Hour on friday, The Know on Saturday. We're happy to have a new bass player Laura join us for some shows in Sept. She's on tour right now with her other band Mora Tau. So yes, lots going on....

In Kleveland news - We're playing Rockfest XII this Sunday and going in to the studio next week.

On a side note I'm doing freelance web design as a day gig so get in touch if your site needs maintenance or if you need a new one from scratch. Your patronage saves me from corporate hell.
that is all,

One year ago today I found out I won $10,000. A year later life is pretty damn good. Kleveland, the other band I'm playing with, is playing on the Viva La Luna stage at Rockfest on Aug 26th. For more info and tickets please go to

Lots of MG shows on the books including a songwriter showcase tonight at the Laurelthirst w/ Stephanie Smith of Kleveland, and Miss Michael Jodell.
ps - Nicole Richie is preggers!

The CD Release show at the Towne Lounge was a whole lot of fun, thanks to Autopilot and Amoree Lovell for playing and especialy to Dylan McConnell for making us a beautiful flier. We have a couple of shows in August in the works and a Kleveland tour for September is being booked as we speak.
If you're in the Portland area our friend and favorite photographer Pasha has a show up at the Cricket Cafe on 32nd and SE Belmont. There is one photo of me in it so stop by for breakfast and a quick peak if you're in the hood.
We have those imfamous Morgan Grace t-shirts available in the MG SuperStore and also full album downloads. The Rules of Dating Reissue is available on my website only and at live shows as well so please stop by and see us.

Opening for Storm Large at Dante's was really neat. She's always a class act and folks seemed to be into the new and improved Kleveland lineup. Next Kleveland show is at the Tonic July 19. This band is super fun so I hope to see some of you out at the show. The next MG show is July 6th at the Towne Lounge in support of the reissue of my first album the Rules of Dating. It's new and improved!

In other news, I finally have my blog up and running. I posted a rough sketch of a song from the upcoming MG album. It's called Eyes In The Back of My Head. It's very rough and will hopefully work itself out in the studio but click here for a little preview. It's a bit on the sensitive side.

I also updated the MG SuperStore with ala carte and full album downloads. It's pretty neat, sample the mp3s and then buy the songs you like for only $1. thanks for supporting independent music!

I've joined my favorite band Kleveland on lead guitar. My first show with them is this friday June 22nd at Dante's opening for Storm Large. I'm also doing a short set with Sam Henry to open the show. that's right, Morgan Grace opening for Kleveland opening for Storm Large. Pretty neat. Tickets are on sale now HERE.

The reissue of my first album The Rules of Dating is now available online for mail order and download here. The CD release show will be July 6th at the Towne Lounge and will be the return of the MG3 with Sam Henry on drums and Allen Hunter on bass. We're still adding shows for the summer and will hopefully see you out on the road in Aug. stay tuned for details....

I just got back from spending the weekend in Manhattan. It was a quick trip but super fun! I should have my new blog running shortly so watch for all of the meaningless details of my life....coming soon!
Work on the new album will begin this summer though I think I'll be in LA for a spell lending some vocals to my friend's project. More details are on the way....
So basically I know even less than I did before.
However(!) - The Rules of Dating reissue is now available from my website only. It's been remastered and features bonus tracks from the Carnival demo I put out in 2000 and a couple of other quirky extras. Check it out on the merch page.
See you soon,

Quick update - My stint singing with the Oblivion Seekers has come to an end after 5 months of fun. What a great experience singing along side Heidi Hellbender and Mark Sten. Thanks for the good times. shucks. The reissue of the Rules of Dating should be available next month. It sounds and looks so much better. I think you'll like it! I'm performing Wed April 4th at the Laurelthirst w/ Mike D of SOB and Morgan Geer of Drunken Prayer. This is the only show I have on my calendar so come out if you can. I literally have nothing coming up....but I'm sure that will change soon enough.

I'm in the studio today remastering the Rules of Dating with Sean Flora. Lady Lush Records is re-issuing the Rules of Dating with bonus tracks from the long out of print Carnival demo AND a special bonus track that will really make you laugh. hee hee. Should be out next month!

The coolest thing that happened to me this week - I got an email from Fred Armisen from Saturday Night Live. He saw one of my videos on and wrote to tell me how much he enjoyed it. We've exchanged a couple of emails and he put my video on his myspace profile check it out. I LOVE him on SNL so it was a real treat to hear from him. He's tops!

Got some good photos of the Oblivion Seekers from the show at Duff's last weekend so I'll be posting those shortly. If you haven't seen the OSeekers them come to Outlaw's tonight for the Roller Derby Afterbout Party. It'll be a hoot. Yes, I said a hoot.

Just a couple of things coming up here folks. First the Oblivion Seekers are playing this weekend Friday Night at Duff's Garage in Portland OR with The Shiny Things featuring MR. and MRS. Nelson fresh from their stint on Fox's Trading Spouses. Man, that was funny. We're also playing the after-bout party for the Roller Derby next weekend at Outlaws. My next solo show is Apr 3rd at the Laurelthirst. And that's it.
over and out,

I'm still singing back up for the Oblivion Seekers, our next show is Fri Feb 23rd at Dante's. I will also be making an appearance singing June Carter to Joshua James' Johnny Cash at the Ash Street the same night, and next weekend Feb 24 I'm doing a bunch of PJ Harvey songs with Stephanie Smith of Kleveland, Adrienne from Autopilot, Em Brownlowe, and Jeremy Serwer at the World Famous Kenton Club. More details are on the way.
much love,
Morgan Grace

Now that American Idol proper is back on tv I can dork out all over again about my big victory at American Idol Underground this summer. The funnest part - if you do a google image search for "American Idol Underground" the third picture that comes up is the one of me murdering "myself" on stage at the Twilight in Portland. Thanks to Adam Gnade for using that pic of me in his posting on the Mercury Blog. Looks like it's making its way around cyberspace. Thats neat.
In other news - the gig this last weekend at Mississippi Studios was really super. It was great to meet the other performers Halie Loren and Carrie Akre. I should mention that I'm back to being a solo act while my drummer of the last 2 and half years the legendary Sam Henry is on tour with Michael Dean Damron and Thee Loyal Bastards. Sam's website just got a facelift and it's looking good so check it out!
Lady Lush Records is reissuing my first album The Rules of Dating. I've been out for over a month now and we decided instead of repressing it we should just re-release it and add a couple of bonus tracks from the Carnival demo I put out in 2000 which is now long out of print. There will also be a 7" single this spring for a song from the The Sound of Something Breaking. I'm keeping the track choices underwraps though. I'm going in to record the B-Side this month and I'm excited. Red vinyl! Work on the new album begins this summer....
Okay thats all for now. See you in the funny papers.

Happy New Year folks. Not much to report except that I curse the weather and the ensuing Seasonal Affect Disorder otherwise known as SAD. I have a couple of shows this weekend. First Friday Jan 12th at the Laurelthirst I'm performing a couple of songs with Heidi Hellbender in honor of her CD Release for her debut solo album Come Home. It's an awesome album and we worked hard to promote the show so please stop by if you're free. More details at heidi's website. Sat Jan 13th I'm playing a rare solo acoustic set at Mississippi Studio's with Carrie Akre of Seattle. Carrie was in Hammerbox in the epicenter of the Seattle music exploitation that was the 1990's.
I'll also be playing a solo show at Holocene Feb 15th with local faves Sophe Lux and Kaitlyn ni Donovan. There are upcoming dates for the Oblivion Seekers as well they just aren't confirmed yet but I'll let you know. Stay tuned!
did anyone see the backpage of the mercury this week? holy crap.
much love,

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