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I had an amazing time in New York last week. Don't be surprised if I move there, it made my heart hurt to leave. Though I wasn't selected to move to the semifinals of the Williamsburg Songwriter Contest I did meet a lot of cool folks. I saw a lot of cool bands (check out the Besties, These United States, Morgan Avenue, and Schocholautte to name a few), got a lot of video, had two of the best roast beef sandwiches of my entire life, and bought a whole lot of striped socks. For the full story check my blog.
Next up on the agenda -
We return live on Dec 28 (Sam Henry's birthday) to the Doug Fir with our faves The Rainy States. This will be our first show with new bass player John.
Also, I'm filming a video this month with director Ian Krogh, gonna get the band out on the road, and lots more!
Check you later,

I'm back from my New York adventure. What an amazing week I had! stay tuned for the full update....

What a relief the election is over, pretty awesome turnout!
I have some exciting stuff to announce too....soon....stay tuned! mg

As promised here is a new demo track that I just finished today. Its called House of Cards and Dolls. I hope you enjoy it. I posted it on myspace too but its taking a million years to process. Have a good weekend.


Holy crap I think I played the most depressing set of all time at Kelly's tonight. I was prepared to hurry right home to the bell jar but I got distracted. Boy that sure was a nice distraction. I'm posting a new song online this weekend. Watch the myspace!
sunny day,

I'm actually NOT playing the Obama Benefit tonight at Dante's. Sorry folks. You should go anyway if you are so inclined. Check the poster below for details. See you at Kelly's Olympian tomorrow.

Quick note to let you know I'm playing an early set at 6p at Dante's this Wed Oct 8 for a Barack Obama benefit. Other folks on the schedule - Micheal Jodell, The Stolen Sweets, Sean Flora, The Red Hot Pistols, Lara Michelle, and more...

I am bursting with joy these days, holy crap. First of all the video for Valentine is now online check it out! Directed by John Sparks and starring Xan McCurdy from Cake as the nefarious and morally depraved BF. He is slightly less evil than the real one.

Secondly I'm now teaching guitar and theory at the Falcon Art Community in North Portland. If you're interested in taking lessons please get in touch. All ages and levels are welcome. Theory workshops start in late Oct. Watch the lessons page for full sched coming soon. Exciting!
Next show is Oct 9th at Kelly's Olympian w/ Hairspray Blues, and the Family Gun.

See you soon
Morgan Grace

Thanks to everyone who came to Rotture for MusicfestNW. Despite some technical problems with my guitar it was a great night for us. Special thanks to Lael Alderman and Blue Skies for Black Hearts. It was an awesome lineup to be a part of.

Have you registered to VOTE yet???? Please do so here...

Register to Vote: Rock the Vote, powered by Credo Mobile

I can't believe the shitstorm in politics. Usually I stay out of it but holy crap its just nauseating this year. Please exercise your right to vote, ladies especially, don't take this shit for granted, women gave their lives to fight for your right to have a voice. We have our word and our voice, keep them both active and true folks. Its ultimately all you have.

Here's a video I made today. Holy crap I need a job. See you at MusicFestNW.

thanks to everyone that came out last night to the Ash Street. That was awesome. Really looking forward to our show next thursday with EMT at AudioCinema. It is going to be great, we're also premiering the video for "Valentine" that night directed by John Sparks. Couple days later you can catch me and Sam at Slim's doing a low key night as a duo. See you soon!

Full schedule was announced today at MusicFestNW. You can find us Sat night at Rotture at 12am. We're playing just before one of my favorites Blue Skies for Black Hearts. The Kelly's show last weekend was off the hook, thanks to everyone that came out and stayed late on a school night. See you at the Ash St on the 7th? I hope so. mg
ps - I didn't make the finals at Gretsch. wonk.
pps - Valentine is now available for download.

Ash Street Aug 7


Voting wrapped at Gretsch. Stay tuned to see if we made it into the finals....fingers crossed. I'm playing 2 sets Thursday night at Kelly's, come on down if you're free. We're playing with Eric McFadden Trio in Aug, he is a badass to say the least. Lots of good stuff coming up.

My band is playing 2 sets on July 24th at Kelly's Olympian w/ the Slutty Hearts. This day is also my birthday. Voting at Gretsch is open until July 16th. You can vote everyday, just click the banner above! See you all soon. mg
Kelly's Olympian

I entered my song Keep It Loose in a contest at Gretsch for unsigned artists where I stand to win a load of awesome Gretsch gear and other prizes. Voting is now open. it's easy! Just click the banner above, you have to login with your email but it literally takes less than 30 seconds. My song is right at the top of the voting page. You can vote once per day!

I'm playing a party in my hometown of Corvallis on Saturday June 28th. My brother's band Slamdunk is playing, also the Ladies and Gentlemen, and Muckraker. It will be an all day blowout at my friends' orchard. Camping is encouraged. Details are here.

Have you joined the new forum? Check out the MG board here!

Have you ordered your copy of Valentine? Visit the MG store here!
See you soon,

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Doug Fir lastnight. It was a real treat to play. Valentine is now available for mail order. Visit the store to order your copy. This is an exciting time, thank you for sharing it with me.
all the best,
Morgan Grace

We're gearing up for the big CD Release this weekend. Check out this clip of my visit to the Rick Emerson show yesterday, we covered all the basics....diarrhea, douchebags, and Def Leppard. I love that man, and Sarah X too. Fun times. Here's some Q&A about the album, recording process, and new direction. Also, stop by the new MG Discussion board. See you this weekend!


CD Release show June 1

We're also doing an in-store ALL AGES performance at Music Millenium Saturday May 31st. Come get your copy a day early, and bring the kids! So excited to put this album out. Its really different from my last 2 releases. Recorded in my apartment in the wee hours of the morning over the last year. It has an intimate personal vibe that I've never been able to achieve in the studio. I did a lot of 4-tracking as a teenager, its been awesome to return to that process. I just posted a preview on my myspace page. Check out "The Saddest Song Ever" written and recorded the night before our deadline.
So, I said I was going to give this biznatch a facelift and I did. Special thanks to Brian Lee for the design help. A good friend and amazing visionary!
See you at the Doug Fir.

Just added an ALL AGES in-store at Music Millennium in Portland OR on Saturday May 31st at 5pm. You'll still be riding that wave from seeing the Sex and the City movie the night before so grab the kiddies and c'mon down and get your copy of the new album "Valentine" a day early. This site is going to get a facelift soon. It's time! Spring has nearly morphed into summer, isn't it wonderful? Ah, what a difference a day makes.

As I write this I'm finishing up the art for the EP with Brian Lee aka Whiteteeth photographer and graphic designer extraordaire. It looks badass. Somehow I managed to record the last track for the album the night before it goes to press. Thank god for insomnia...or is that mania? six of one half a dozen of the other. We're cranking it out squeaking by just under the gun of our 5p deadline. I'm so excited to put this album out! CD release show is June 1 at Doug Fir w/ London and The Look, Oh Darling. See you all soon. mg

I finished shooting with director John Sparks for the Valentine video last weekend, with a special guest playing my BF. You'll see :) It should be done just in time for the release of my demos EP. I'm excited. I'm working out details with Mutant Pop Records in Corvallis to do a 7" single early this summer. MP put out a CD of my very first band when I was 16. I dare you to find it :) I'm LOVING my new guitar and am excited to bust it out tomorrow night at the Songwriter Showcase at 1200 SW Morrison St. Set times are
7:30 - The Strange Effects
8:00 - Bonnie Veronica
8:30 - Morgan Grace
9:00 - Joe Davis (Pinehurst Kids)
9:30 - Stephanie Smith (Kleveland)
10:00 - Rob Daiker (Velabonz)
10:30 - The Strange Effects second set
Hope you can make it. Lots of neat stuff happening. All Ages Show at 3535 N. Lombard Sunday April 27. Click HERE for the flier. It's going to be a great year! See you all soon,

First of all-
I was playing with Kleveland and I have decided to not do that anymore, I need to be doing my own thing and my own music. It was fun while it lasted though, thanks to everyone who came out and supported us. Keep supporting Kleveland, I mean, if you have a history of doing it don’t stop now. Don’t be a quitter!

I posted a bulletin and a blog asking for feedback for my demo EP idea. I got 4 pages of emails! thats 40 responses. So I’m gonna do it - I will be releasing a special limited edition pressing of all the demos I did this last year, plus an unreleased version of Freshman from 2004, and a live track from my last appearance on the Rick Emerson show. (Rick, thats okay right??) It’ll be out in May and the release show will be at the Doug Fir date to be determined. It’ll only be available at shows and by mail order through my website. neat right?

I’ve said it before and I never meant it...and I knew that I didn’t mean it every time I said it but this time I MEAN what I’s the TRUTH instead of me just shining you on. Work on new MG album begins this summer! New MG album out this year! This is a bona fide true statement, where every other occurrence of this announcement was fraud.

I’m playing a special ALL AGES MATINEE show on Sun Apr 27th in N. Portland at the Coop with the Tramps. IT will be fun. I rarely play all ages shows so tell every one under 21 you know. What with the Oscars and Easter behind us you really have no excuse. See you there heathens.

I just bought the most beautiful new guitar, spent the last of my American Idol Underground winnings from 2006. She’s a beauty, I’m so proud. Come check out my new lover this Saturday at the Fez Ballroom where I will perform 3 Billie Holiday songs. If you’re reading this and I owe you money don’t worry, I’m still good for it. You know you can’t be mad at me forever anyway jeez.

Dig that monster flu thats been going around. I've just regained consciousness from a week of yuck. holy cow. Kleveland is opening for X tomorrow night at the Crystal Ballroom. Should be great. I'm turning in a song to the DeepRoots Project. Check them out, they do cool stuff. More shows coming in April. Pardon me I have to go throw up again....

I just added a show on Mar 12 at Slabtown in Portland w/ Royal Hauser. Not sure if this will be an acoustic show or not...stay tuned. I'm shooting a video in 2 weeks for a new song, and will have a special guest star playing my "boyfriend". Should be fun, heheheh. I'll keep you posted. Be good to eachother.

I wrote a blog last year about Rick Emerson and his one man show Bigger Than Jesus. A coworker gave me the DVD and it blew me away. Rick and I have met a few times and I occasionally shoot him an email to plug my stuff on his radio show. I was tickled to see a blog he'd written this weekend about my music, he also talked me up on the air and played Valentine. Here's the clip from the podcast, it's just a few minutes.

Kleveland returns in March! Tonic on the 14th, and Dante's on the 22nd.

I just posted a new song on myspace HERE. It's a Valentine song, and check out the song uncanny likeness! Thanks to everyone that came out to the Mississippi Studios show last weekend. You made it awesome! Have a good day y'all.

My song "Come Around" was recently featured on Willamette Week's Localcut as Cut of the Day. Check it out HERE. Thanks to Jay Horton for selecting it. I've been doing a bunch of recording, working on some new stuff, hopefully will have an album by the summer with a new band as well...all girls! My friend Rob Daiker recorded my song It's Only You. check it out on his myspace. I'm playing an acoustic show at Mississippi Studios this Saturday with Billie Shears. I'm working on some tracks with Rob Landoll from the Obituaries. He is one of my longtime guitar heroes so it was great to get a call from him. Still kicking ass with Kleveland, new album almost done, tour, Europe, stuff, blah. Lots happenin'....more later...

Hey this year is looking great so far. I just found out one of my songs is being used by AMC for a couple of promo spots this month. Check them out HERE and HERE. Thanks to Sherrica and David for posting them on youtube in such short order and Crystal for letting me know. Me and Tom Cruise together at long last....

I have a long overdue solo acoustic show booked for Feb 9th at Mississippi Studios with Billie Shears opening. I'm really looking forward to debuting some new stuff. Speaking of new stuff - I posted a new song on my myspace profile, it's called Come Around.. I was really bummed when my band broke up in Oct so I'm excited to keep powering ahead by myself. I'm also having a great time playing all the instruments.

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