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Lady Lush Records 2008 CD

limited run EP, first 500 come with signed color poster

Sound of Something Breaking
The Sound of Something Breaking
Lady Lush Records 2005 CD
The Rules of Dating
The Rules of Dating
Lady Lush Records 2003 CD

This album was reissued in 2007 with bonus tracks from the Carnival demo
Carnival demo
Goin' Down to the Carnival
Lady Lush Records 2000 demo tape
out of print
Deep Roots
Deep Roots 11 : A Clean Slate Amidst the Chaos 2008

Pdxmas Vol 1
Pdxmas Vol 1. 2007
Original Holiday Songs by Portland Artists
various artists including Chris Robley, The Imprints, Michael Jodell & Matt Brown, and more...

"Santa Ate My Second Cousin"
Cat Piss Studios
Jukebox Year Book 2006
Cat Piss Studios 2006 CD
various artists including Pure Country Gold, The Moneychangers, 8Foot Tender, and other.

"Change In The Weather"
We Made This
We Made This
Portland Collective 2006 CD
also featuring Adam Gnade, Advisory, Swallows, Autopilot, the Shotgun, the Decliners, emBROWNLOWe, Arman Augusto, and many others

"Thin Lizzy"
Failing Records Comp
Failing Records Vol II
Failing Records Comp 2005 double CD
also featuring Charmparticles, Point Juncture WA, the Snuggle-Ups, Hillstomp, Man of the Year, the Volumes, and others

"Rules of Dating"
Olympian Shadow Farm
Lights, Camera, Refraction
Olympian Shadow Farm Comp 2004 CD
also featuring The High and the Mighty, Hamell on Trial, Merrick Foundation, Bill Reagan, and others

MusicfestNW Comp
MusicFestNW 2003 Compilation
Presented by Musicfestnw and Wweek 2003

"Cool Hand Morgan"
Guest Vocal
James Low 2008
James Low
Blackguard's Waltz CD 2008
Amoree Lovell
Amoree Lovell
Six Sadistic Songs for Children
Queen Bee Laboratories 2006 CD
Ideal Home Music Library
Hush Records 2003 CD
Morgan and Jolie
Hush Records Mass
Hush Records Comp 1998 CD
also featuring Jeff London, Kind of Like Spitting, Paul Hixon Pittman, Kaitlyn ni Donovan, Kim Norlen, Amy Annelle, Corrina Ripp, and others
Hush Records More
Hush Records Comp 1998 CD
also featuring Corinna Repp, Kaitlyn ni Donavan, Nancy Hess, and Lara Michelle
Dead Like Elvis
Dead Like Elvis
I Wanna Be a Blonde
recorded on my four track in 1994
released by Mutant Pop Records 1999