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"I was raised in a small town by two crazy alcoholics who one day took a break from beating the crap out of each other just long enough to buy me a nylon stringed acoustic guitar. I was 12”   That was written to accompany Morgan Grace's first demo tape and, however much has changed in the past decade, the spirit behind those words and her music still endures.

Shortly after the release of her first, mostly acoustic album The Rules of Dating in 2003, Morgan Grace put together a group with drummer Sam Henry (The Wipers and Napalm Beach) that would continuously perform around the northwest for the next six years. Her second album The Sound of Something Breaking 2005 was much more a full rock explosion, the delivery of which lead to a solid reputation for wild and frenzied live shows opening for the likes of Dead Moon, I Can Lick Any SOB, Exene Cervenka of X, and Hell’s Belles.

In 2006, upon a whim, Grace entered the title track of her first record in the American Idol Underground competition and took first place in the pop category along with recording equipment and a five figure cash prize. The resulting windfall not only allowed Grace to reissue her first album (on her own Lady Lush Records) but to record and produce her third album Valentine entirely by herself (save one drumming track from Henry).

In 2008 she found that her writing no longer fit the dynamics of her all-star rhythm section, hence Valentine: an arresting collection of tunes, intimate, revealing, very much informed by her rocker past but with an aural footprint inimitably her own. Since parting ways with Sam Henry, Grace has carved out a new sound: an intimate yet raw, reverb soaked combination of sweet girl-group vocals over a restless garage melancholia, again delivered with high energy from her backing band. Less cutesy than Juliana Hatfield, more grounded than Julee Cruse, Grace's voice twirls the upper registers with an unpretentious delivery always in service of her songs.

In 2009 Grace was crowned Best New Artist at the Portland Music Awards, and received an Honorable Mention from Billboard’s Song Contest for "Valentine". Her music has been featured on NPR's Second Stage program, and licensed for use to Mtv, E!, AMC, and VH1. She’s performed at the 2009 and 2010 CMJ Music Marathon and the Williamsburg Live Songwriting Contest in New York. Most recently she was nominated for Album of the Year at the 2011 Portland Music Awards for her Twilight-themed single “Vampire Love” for which she also made a video with esteemed indie director Carl Jameson. She’s appeared numerous times on Outlook Portland on the CW network, and on the Rick Emerson Show on AM970.

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  1. Keep It Loose
  2. Rules of Dating
  3. Valentine

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