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Valentine 2008
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Eyes in the Back of My Head
Her Roses
Keep It Loose
You're Gonna Ruin My Life
Come Around
How Did You Get So Far
Drive Past Your House
The Saddest Song Ever

Recorded and performed by Morgan Grace except Seven drumming by Sam Henry

Sound Of Something Breaking

The Sound of Something Breaking 2005
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Thin Lizzy
Just A Little Crush
Your Name
The Story Of Three Weeks
Your Name
Makes Me Happy
It's Only You
Oh I Want You
My Favorite Sin
Final Words
Do Do Do Do (The Sound of Something Breaking)

Recorded by Howard Gee
P roduced by Morgan Grace, Sam Henry, Howard Gee

The Rules of Dating The Rules of Dating reissue 2007
Download - $8.99

Flowers in My Garden
Mean Drunk
Drive Past Your House
It's Only You
Hard To Tell
The Rules of Dating
The Spider Song
Cool Hand Morgan
Hello Daddy
Tomorrow's Kiss

*bonus tracks from the Carnival Demo 2000
Goin' Down to the Carnival
Goodbye to Love
End of the World

Most tracks recorded by Sean Flora
Other tracks recorded by Ed Rei, Benjamin Jaspers, and KBOO radio
Bonus tracks recorded by Morgan Grace