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Fan support will always be a crucial part of an artist's success. In these particularly difficult times, artists are limited in their capacity to perform live, and are paid a fraction of a penny for one song stream. 

Enter Song Club, my flagship fan support program, available right here on my website. For less than a full album download or a cover charge you get access to: 

  • Audio Only of my Last Friday Live Stream, I edit out all the talking and silliness and put the songs in a special playlist for you to download or stream. It's like an acoustic live album every month
  • New Music every Sunday, before I even think about releasing it to the public. 
  • Private Facebook Group where I share lyric videos for each new song
  • And other VIP stuff....

Thank you in advance for supporting my songwriting. It's wonderful to be back at it after so many years away.

I truly appreciate your support. 


Morgan Grace

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