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Morgan Grace

Halloween In My Head

Five song EP of four original blood and guts songs from my teen years and one cover (the title track). 
"I was going to write a socio-economic manifesto about how living in the world in the year 2021 is like Halloween in my head. I googled the title and found a very charming song that had already been written. Unlike my idea, the cover song was fun, upbeat, and spared the listener any political agenda. I was sold, so I covered it with permission from the original artist. I included four of my own original songs and released it as a Halloween EP."



Morgan Grace

We Made This

In the spirit of the free PDXPopNow festival, this was a peer share self release curated by Jeremy M Brownlowe and John Miller. 


Morgan Grace

Lights, Camera, Refraction

Olympic Shadow Farm's Quarterly comp, features a demo version of "Freshman" later released on the Sound Of Something Breaking. 


Morgan Grace

MusicFestNW 2003 Compilation

My first appearance at Portland's answer to defunct NXNW. My song Cool Hand Morgan is featured on this fine collection of Portland Artists. 


Bitch School

Morgan & Jolie

Dead Like Elvis

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